Saturday Morning Coffee

Morning of the long MLK weekend. I am so excited to have a creative weekend at home. Not that we can go anywhere, lols. I am pretty ambitious in what I want to accomplish but in the end if I don’t get it alllllll done there is always next weekend. Truly. We aren’t going anywhere. The pandemic is worse now that ever. I did get the first Covid vaccine but I am not going to put all of my hopes into the vaccine. There aren’t enough people to give the vaccine, we need more vaccine out there to give to everyone and plain and simple it is going to take time. Never put all of your eggs into one basket, as my Grandma used to say, meaning we still need to wear masks and social distance.

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I am sitting here in silence trying to gauge what is happening outside as there is no activity in the neighborhood. It is total silence out there. It started to snow before bed. Its dark out and I can’t see how much snow has fallen. Then I hear the plow truck go by. Well, several inches fell I would guess because they need to plow the roads. Today will be a snow blower day.

I will need to go to Hobby Lobby and get some super bulky yarn after I spent time yesterday talking to my sister about loom knitting. She helped me get the basics down , however I have a big loom with big pegs. So that means big yarn. She is making lots of things on her loom and is really advanced. I am just getting started so garter stitch cowl is my plan. It’s fun to do things together over the miles. I will post our progress on crafty things on the Our Creative Souls blog. I want to keep that current. It got a little bit behind but I will catch it up over the winter.

I also checked out Dollar Tree’s website. Best thing is now you can order things online if you don’t want to go to the store of if your store doesn’t have it! They have two things I really want. One, they have stackable planters. Gotta have for my succulents! Secondly the website had fairy gardens on it! Mine have things that are faded and ready to retire. Soooooo, maybe to get out of the house I can stop there too. My car hasn’t been driven in a week. I think I will mask up and drive it to the Dollar Tree as well as Hobby Lobby.

Be Creative and Quilt on!


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