Shanties, Choirs and making different things

I love listening to Welsh Choirs. A great way to wake up on a Sunday and peruse the internet, catch up on the news and get my coffee. It’s soothing and you don’t need to understand the words to hear the beauty of each phrase. I do know in my ancestry there are folks from Wales and I have to find out more about them. Maybe that is why I like the music of the choir so much.

In contrast, I have been listening to Sea Shanties all week. I mean, who doesn’t love a good shanty? I found that it is a real fad right now thanks to TikTok with the Wellerman being the most listened to. I love listening to Shanties while I have work to do. And I think I get it done faster listening to them. I learned many shanties when I was a child taking violin lessons and you still can listen to shanties on YouTube. Here is my favorite playlist. I will fire it up when I am working on things later today. Maybe I had some sea faring ancestors who sang these tunes and that’s why I love them so much!

I have been listening to a ton of relaxing music and white noise. I think that I needed a change. I love listening to Celtic Music as well and I think I can find a lovely playlist online somewhere.

Today’s plan is to keep working on my Irish Chain quilt. I am expecting my Best Friends quilt blocks from Angel to get here soon and get that assembled as well as quilted. My sister and I have been loom knitting this weekend. I am learning , she is making all kinds of knitwear. I had two epic fails yesterday my watercolor snowflake inspired by a class and my first attempt at loom knitting. But I learned so much working on them. I want to try to make an acrylic painting today based on a recent class I took. Those crafty things from this weekend will be posted in more detail on Our Creative Souls blog. So even though things don’t always work out they inspire me to try something, make my own twist on the projects and just get better at them. Never a waste and always something gained.

2021 the year of trying new things while listening to old favorites, like a good Shanty!


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