The sun came out yesterday and turned my day around. I did get some photos of the quilt that I can work with. I have a few indoor test shots to do and bought some Command hooks to try to put the quilt on a wall. I feel much calmer and relaxed now that I have some pictures that will work. I keep reminding myself , I enjoy quilting. I enjoy doing quilt alongs. I enjoy taking pictures. It is fun! It really is I just over think it sometimes and worry too much. You can control the weather for the lighting and that is where some of the stress comes from.

I am going to do some simple crafting today. I want to try a kids craft called Salt watercolor painting. It should be fun connecting with my inner child. I want to do some of these crafts and and then make art journal pages with them. I haven’t completed a page in a while but that is the whole fun of it, no pressure. No time tables and no forcing it to happen.

Slow Sunday is today. I am going to do laundry and chill.


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