Saturday Morning Coffee

You get to see it first right here on the blog! I took the Best Friends quilt along quilt off the frame Thursday after a few mishaps. I cut the backing too small and had to fix that but I am loving the finished results. Now, I am starting to obsess about getting a final picture of this quilt to put on social media for the Best Friends quilt along with Fat Quarter Shop. It has to be done and a final photo by Monday for the Fat Quarter Shops final blog post. I have the binding on and half hand stitched. The weather forecast is very little sun and snow off and on. I can’t seem to get the lighting in the house right. My weekly pictures are a little ho hum I feel. I want the final one to be great to end quilt along on a big positive note. Taking photos of quilts is hard. I also worry too much. I worry that I didn’t do a good enough job to promote this quilt along and I don’t want to let anyone down. I know, its a little silly because when I look at the quilt that Angel and I made, I go WOW! But I can’t seem to capture that Wow factor in my photos. Especially a white background and potentially out in a snowy landscape. I will consult with a few photographers and get some tips.

I do have a few fences I could see if I can get to them as the snow is deep. I could do a …hold the quilt up myself and my legs will show photo. Flat pictures get a little distorted like the one above. I have to give it some thought and then just do it. Stop wasting brain energy obsessing about it like I have for 3 days and just get a million shots with different lighting, different backgrounds and pick the best one. Then I can over gram my test shots on Instagram.

And when I have lots of hand work to do , what happens? You got it , a flare up of pain and infection in my fingers and hands. I have been trying so hard to prevent it all but here we are. I have a prescribed program to follow it just annoys the heck out of me because it slows me down. I am not ready to slow down. I have way to many things to do with my hands and they seem to have betrayed me already in my 50s. Osteoarthritis is a really stupid thing.

The good news is that the house chores are caught up and I can spend time doing things like exercising and crafting. Then this afternoon I hope to get my first test photos done. I have taken more online classes via Michael’s and want to experiment with making some new things! I will post the crafty things on Our Creative Souls.

Here’s to a weekend of trying new things!



  1. I am loving it!! You are inspiring me to get started on mine. I plan to use the six inch block pads and my stash. What size block pads did you use for your quilt?


  2. Your quilt is beautiful so you can stop obsessing and worrying. Get those pictures and you’ll be the bright star that you are. Congrats on the finish.


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