Starting out the week fresh

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I got so much done. I had a big list of craft things and cleaning to do and I got it done! I sewed on my Irish Chain quilt, I made my loom knit headband, long armed a couple of rows, I sewed on a binding and started to hand sew it. The house is clean and a couple bags of excessive stuff is ready to trash. I even worked on a making a couple of TikTok videos! I feel so good after a weekend of knocking out the work!

I feel like I have a clean slate to start the week. I am hoping for more sunshine because it felt so good. I was able to do lots of movement ( activity but not exercise) and getting things done. We decided Sunday afternoon to go for a ride since it was so lovely and look for wildlife. It was a welcome activity to get out of the house and commune with nature from the car. We saw over 70 deer and a few assorted birds. It was a good day.

Today I am going to do hand sewing and I have to get a hand sewing ufo out my Temperature hexie quilt. I really need to get it done so I can long arm it. I need to get going on finishing up things I have started and haven’t quite finished yet. I like the feeling that the slate it wiped clean and I can do anything I want to. I have a couple of ufos out there in the quilterverse that need finishing. It is time. 2020 felt like a year that very little got accomplished in the grand scheme of things. I mean I did make things but I need to do better this year. I want a perfectly clean slate and get back to working on one or two things at a time. I have never had this many starts and stalling out projects. It is starting to make me a little buggy and it needs to stop.

2021 has started out with a bang of big world problems that affected me more than I gave it credit for and I am settling in for February to be more “normal” so I can work on my goals and projects. I had a good start over the weekend and I think I can get things off the list in February and March. I believe that this is the year of wiping the slate clean and getting my goals met. This is the perfect time.

I am going to start writing a list down, every day, of three things to do and get off my plate. I think that writing it down and checking it off has value for me. I have gotten away from that in 2020. Here are the TikTok’s to enjoy


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