Things that mark time

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I am one of many people who have received this award where I work. It is a longevity award. A plaque that says you have put in years of service, I know it’s kinda old school cool. I got one at 10 years. Many folks get the clock at 25 years and many get another plaque 30 or more years before they retire. Where I work, longevity is very common. In this day and age, that’s kinda weird , I think. I mean who stays in one place let alone works for the same company for so many years, anymore?

For all of my woes about my day job, it is a very good job. People like helping others. People move up the corporate ladder and people stay for a very long time. People do care about each other, too. That says a lot about a company. I have seen huge improvements and lots of wonderful changes to keep in step with the needs of those we serve as well as those who work for the company, especially this past year.

I have joined this club of sorts. I was really conflicted over getting my 20 year plaque. I never in a million years thought I would still be working here after 20 years. I never thought I would be a nurse for 28. I thought I would give it a couple of years before I found something to do that would be the “what I want to be when I grow up” career. It found me this career of mine. I stayed so I determined that means I must like it and I must have some level of proficiency at it. I have been recognized at one of the old employees now not one of the youngest up and comers. I guess there is no hiding my age anymore, lol! My 34 year old self took this job to get an office job and regular schedule with regular pay. My 34 year old self was wanting to do something huge , massive and earth shattering.

I did. I stuck with it one day at a time. I honed my skills and here I am 20 years later at the same company. They assured me they would like me to stay another 10 at least. I think that is pretty cool and massive all at once.



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