Saturday Morning Coffee

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This week I really wanted to get something done that has been on my plate to do for a while. I was rummaging through my craft room and found a few things that weren’t completely finished. Mostly finished but there was a tiny step to do to call it done. I felt so good when I sewed the tatting I made a few years ago on the tea towels. It was a simple project that took less than a hour. Seriously, why put it off? Now I can use them as table runners .

I also had a sick day and I needed to rest. I watched most of the classes I signed up for at Michaels online. That felt great because the classes were languishing in a queue “to watch” in my email and it was nagging me in the back of my mind. I mean really nagging me. I was so inspired watching the classes that I discovered I love the faux calligraphy style of hand lettering plus melding elements of Zentangle with it. A match in made in Heaven on a sick day because I made time to take care of myself. I even did a few more pages in my art journal that had been lagging for a few months with ideas from the classes that I took. You can see my projects on Our Creative Souls : A day to catch up and heal – Our Creative Souls (

The last thing I did was quilt a customer quilt. It is adorable and I think she will love it. That leaves me with one customer quilt to load and quilt. One t shirt quilt that I have been not working on and will start on it. And then nothing but my quilt tops and projects. It feels so good to not be buried under so much plus being buried with my day job. I tell my customers I love working on your projects but it takes me time. I don’t want to work on things when I am tired and not my best.

Another week of clearing the slate! I didn’t realize I had so many UFO’s. I have a pile of granny squares I made a couple of winters ago because I needed a fidget. I decided what I want to do with them and I will assemble little purses with them this weekend. I still have one UFO to hand sew and then I am in the clear!

What have I learned this week? Get it done. Work on something for 15 min a day and the next thing you know it is done! The other thing I learned is that I don’t need to beat myself up for a delayed finish either. A finish is a finish. It counts on whatever tally sheet you have in your head and there is no demerits for taking longer to get it done. The last thing I learned is that I want to be jam packed with things to do in a pandemic but I am finding I don’t have the mental energy to be 100 mile an hour busy for 16 hours a day. I need more time to decompress, to exercise, to take care of myself and just be still for a time. That’s ok, too. Just cool your jets, Vicki, 2021 may be another long, quiet year being home for much of it. Good thing I have my own mini craft and quilt stash and the internet for free classes!

Pull something out and assess what needs to be done then finish it if this project still makes you happy! I felt so much better when I did !

Quilt on,



  1. Wow what a wonderful post! Yes 2021 will most likely continue to force us into quieter lives but how fortunate to be equipped with supplies and equipment to keep us busy. I prefer to savour the journey of my projects instead of racing to get them done fast. I also totally know what you mean regarding customer quilts, if I force myself when I am tired or not in the right space things never go smoothly.
    Enjoy your Saturday!


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