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I am so glad it is warmer this morning and that there is some above freezing temps in the forecast. I am tired of feeling too cold and then too hot because the furnace is kicking in too much. I am just very thankful that we have heat and power unlike so many in the country right now. I am also very thankful we have had some fantastically sunny days over the past couple of weeks even though the temps have been frigid.

I am really feeling stir crazy. That feeling you get when you are home too much and doing the same things over and over again. I usually get this towards the end of winter. I am tempted to start another project but I have made 2021 the year to finish up things. I don’t know what I would start anyways because I am feeling uninspired for a craft project. I am hoping with the warm up I can take short walks outside and maybe walk to the quilt shop over the weekend just for an outing and for inspiration.

I am at the phase where I would like to throw everything out and start again. You know , new furniture, new decor, and new things. I have come to realize that this is really a representation of a fantasy solution to the issue. I want new experiences and to live a day doing something a little differently. I am hoping that maybe we can go to a museum that seems like a possibility. Generally this time of year we go to a car show and have a weekend away after a long winter in. None this year and that’s ok because we aren’t ready for large crowds yet. I am not sure we are ready for museums honestly.

I do know that I am planning on spending time in the garden messing around making improvements. That time of year! I think the really sunny days have me a little energized and giddy!


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  1. We just came out of two solid weeks of extreme cold weather warnings and although the days were bright and sunny it was not safe to be outside for any length of time. I did out of desperation go for a couple short walks but any longer risked frost bite. Now it’s warmer but grey…but I keep reminding myself that the days are getting longer and we plan to discuss our garden plans this weekend.
    My daughter and family are in Texas and after no power they now have burst pipes and water damage to deal with on top of everything but as she says she is thankful that they have each other and that they are well. Crazy days for sure!


    • It has been so cold here too but it was worse a little south of us! I am so sorry your family in Texas has no water and a mess to deal with. It’s terrible to worry about them and feel so helpless. I hope and pray they get their utilities restored soon! It’s been too cold to walk outside so I have been able to exercise but I can’t wait to breathe fresh air and walk the trails.


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