Saturday Morning Coffee

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Started the day with a delicious Everything bagel and coffee. I am just enjoying the sunshine pouring in the windows even though it is only 2 degrees F outside. It is a lazy morning already and I am not motivated to do much yet. It is really very comfortable sitting in my little pink chair with a heavy quilt covering me. So nice! It may be a 2 cup of coffee morning to get moving!

I am really feeling a need to break free from the routine and change it up. I think I will start exercising in the morning to get it done. I am dialing in a healthier diet and planning the shopping list to go to the store armed with a plan today. I am also going to look at some of the unfinished projects I have and pick one that would be a quick finish to complete today. I will see what speaks to me when I start rummaging through my studio. A day of unplanning after a work week of tight planning may be what is the exact thing I need this weekend.

I am thinking of going to a store I rarely go to just to see what they have. Maybe a little creative inspiration will be there. I will let you know if I find anything but I am specifically looking for some teal planters for my houseplants still in plastic pots from the store. It is starting to warm up enough in my kitchen where I can transplant pot bound plants and more daylight where they may not be shocked.

A day of unscheduling and exploring in my studio is starting to sound like a great day vs being terrifying! I think just puttering about is a luxury that I take for granted way too often!

Have a fantastic weekend!


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