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Its been a few days of researching kilns again. I have always wanted one but I have never done any type of craft that would need one. I think I don’t have enough knowledge to even shop properly. I also don’t want to blow up my house or start a fire.

I have come to the conclusion I should drive to a pottery place, make myself a really cool coffee mug and plate , have it fired and see how I feel about it. I would love to make beads and charms with a table top kiln but it is a large investment to find out that you really don’t like any project you would make with it. But when I see people use them on YouTube the obsession starts again.

I am really at a point where I need a break from piecing quilts. I love quilting and long arming so I am going to pour my creative energy into that. I have tons of panels, orphan blocks and tops to keep me busy until the desire to make a quilt top hits me again. Maybe it will be a month . Maybe a year and I am totally fine with that.

I have really wanted to try new creative things. That is what creative people do I think. I got burned out on music years ago and then my body gave out making it difficult. I went on to something different for all of my free time all the while dabbling in lots of creative things. I have the desire to do some different things now and I love researching it. I may try some oven dry clay or polymer clay. I am going to paint, doodle and hand letter for my journal, too. I haven’t lost the creative mojo per say just really sick of what I have been doing. Maybe its burnout, maybe the pandemic, maybe I just need a change.

It is time to just go where the creative energy takes me. I have been told too often I need a niche for my social, blog , videos and podcast. I decided today, I don’t want a niche. I just want to make , talk, video and write about the journey,


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