Gel pens and inner child

Where did the month go! I feel like time just flew by and now March is just around the corner! I have been working on making my coffee time in the morning a ritual with meditation and grounding exercises. I am adding that to my afternoon tea vs making the tea a grab and go thing. Sitting and savoring the coffee and clearing my mind for the day is a really nice way to start the day.

I recently bought a set a of gel pens. I like playing with pens for Zentangle and now this handlettering that I have been doing in my art journal. It made me laugh because it took me back to 1990s and these pens were all the rage. Lisa Frank was the go to artist for my daughters folders, posters, lunch box and school supplies. I should have bought myself Lisa Frank stuff back then because I loved it. I am going to look for some stickers to use in my art journal and what I really want is Lisa Frank Unicorns. I bet Hobby Lobby has them. I think I was too busy adulting in the 90s to take a lot of time to find my inner child who loved Lisa Frank.

The beauty of being my age is that I have come to a point where I have given myself permission to do things that I love with my free time and resources. I have given myself permission to do inner child things like buy gel pens and doodle in a journal. I did that when I was a kid. The purpose of doing creative things is for the pure fun of it.

And it wasn’t all that long ago as an adult that I didn’t have the spare cash to buy many art supplies for an art journal or for Zentangle, so I would buy things when they were on clearance and hoard them. You can’t hoard pens I found out the hard way this past week as I was throwing out pen after pen. They dry out. You have to use them right away and use them to their fullest potential. A big life lesson there for me. Let go of being wound so tight and keep in touch with the inner child. Also, don’t hoard stuff it just becomes waste and you never were able to enjoy it while it was useful.

And the more you play around with the pens the better you get. That’s where the fun begins for me. I see improvements so I keep going and taking risks on trying new techniques. Pretty cool when I get in touch with my 10 year old self and just play. Life is so much better, indeed.


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