Saturday Morning Coffee

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Saturday dawns with a bright , clear sunny sky. We are going to have warmer temperatures over the next week and I am really hoping the snow will be gone by this time next week. 50 degrees sounds so warm in March, yet so cold in October doesn’t it? I have been dreaming of my little patch of garden and what I should do as soon as the frost is out of the ground.

I have had a pretty strange week of ups and down. I started working on two things. One is a wip that I have been going slow on and it is a T shirt quilt. I also started a 100 hexies in 100 days challenge. I love these 100 days challenge. I have been hand sewing my hexie temperature quilt for this challenge and I am going to finish the assembly this weekend. Then applique borders to it. It has excited me so much that I found all the hexies I exchanged a couple of summers ago with a bee theme. I found a fabric to make background squares with. The purpose of the 100 day challenge is to also make hexies for your stash, I think, so I am going to make 100 hexies according to the theme for the week. I am learning a ton from the hostess because she is posting videos about English paper piecing on her Instagram account SewFoxyMama. I finally got really excited about something creative besides hand lettering and doodles!

I am finding that I really love projects that bring me to a totally Zen state, and there are only 3 right now. Free motion quilting on my long arm, Zentagle and other doodles, and hand stitching hexagons. Nothing else puts me in the state where I am so relaxed and into what I am doing that I lose time. It is really like time stands still and all I am thinking about is making those things and feeling peace. Need way more of that right now!

The other part of the week has been more disappointments due to the pandemic. We wanted to visit family that are further away, take a little trip. However, they have Covid at their house now. Not only does that bring disappointment because this is the third trip canceled and I haven’t seen them in a couple of years, it brings concern for them and what is going to happen over the next several weeks with the virus. So far, things are easily managed. I think I am really going to get into my hexies and fmq to cope and find more peace.

What does that mean for my week long vacation planned over Easter? I don’t know. Maybe we will find an outdoor activity like going to a zoo on a Tuesday. Maybe I will cancel some of the days. Maybe I will just have another staycation. I have a couple of weeks to decide . What I do know is that a few days off would be welcome but staying cooped up in this house is getting old. We are hitting the one year anniversary of staying home and lockdowns. I have been home for the most part and I am hitting the one year wall. I am slowly picking things to do out in the community for my own sanity! Things that I can socially distance, be in a small group, and all the things for mitigation when out in public. No big house parties, yet.

So today, I will celebrate the sunshine, get the Zen projects out and pick just one thing to do as a household chore. That is my daily strategy and it seems to be working very well for me.

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  1. I am sorry that not only have your plans been changed but esp that Covid has hit another household. We are currently having a surge of cases in our small city and are in somewhat of a lockdown which is getting tiresome.
    I love my zen like activities and I often find working on customer quilts …pantographs on my Longarm give my brain a much needed rest from what’s going on in the world.


    • Doing edge to edge is soooo Zen! I love it! I am also finding rowing on my machine is zen too! Fingers crossed that in 2021 I can see the grandkids!


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