Two things I love

I had to share my love of Zentangle and quilting!

Our Creative Souls

I have been “into” Zentangle for nearly 10 years now. I love the method and I believe anyone can draw the shapes and find the Zen in your life doing it. You can learn more about it here: What Is It? – Zentangle

I started by finding the Step outs or How To’s on Pinterest. I also took several classes. The thing about Zentangle is that it is relaxing and very freeing of your mind. I approach my time tangling as a meditation. Zentangle is my meeting survival kit. Zentangle gives me something to focus on when I am very overwhelmed and helps me find my center again. Zentangle is my creative jump start when I have run dry. I love it.

I have seen some quilters take the tangles and then embroider them. I have books on how to do it but I tried and using my sewing machine…

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