Saturday Morning Coffee

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I have to say that I am loving my coffee this morning. It is another chilly morning and I don’t believe the weather forecast of increasing warm temperatures right at this moment. Its still in the 30’s as well as a overcast, grey sky overhead. I need the warmth of the coffee to give me some heat in my fingers! I think once I am done with the coffee I am going to do something I haven’t done in about 3 weeks and that is exercise. I had an ear infection and I think it is about as healed up as it is gonna get. My balance is better and I need to get moving. Don’t worry, I will start small and work my way up on using the rowing machine.

I have to say I feel a bit lost over what to do over the next week. I am taking the time off from work for two reasons 1. It was planned for a much needed break however, our trip was canceled due to the people we were gonna visit contracted Covid. Boo. They are better but not well enough for visitors. 2. If I don’t use some of my accrued time I may lose some by the end of the year. Egad, I won’t let that happen! Losing time off or having to cash it out goes against my core belief system!

I have plenty of things to do but I am not feeling a huge pull to do any of them. I will sew, quilt, hand stitch, crochet. Maybe paint. But that won’t use up all of my time for a week! The garden may get a little work too. So yesterday, I had another pandemic day of waking up and feeling stuck in the house and no where to go. A great way to start the first day of the staycation. NOT!

Then we decided to finally get a drone. Yesterday was a beautiful day, perfect for a drive. We drove 2 hours to the store to pick it up. That’s how we do it here. We live in a rural area with limited shopping but it is small town and a beautiful area. But again the limited shopping as well as limited entertainment means we have to travel several hours to do lots of things, so we are used to it. My husband didn’t want to order a drone and have it damaged in shipping. Besides we were bored. Since we were in the area on this excursion, we also stopped at Michael’s and later had a most wonderful BBQ dinner at a restaurant to kick off this staycation. It started to sink into my brain that we can have fun in spite my disappointment in not seeing the grandkids again. The disappointment was never about taking this trip , going to warm weather or having a huge amount of plans for this time. It was about seeing family.

Since getting the vaccine, I have been slowly adding more “normal” activities in my life and it is feeling good not weird now. All part of my transition plan to re enter into the world. Taking a trip, catching up with friends and family are all part of the plan. Going shopping and mingling with people all part of the plan. The BBQ was fab, by the way.

I wanted to go to Michael’s because I don’t have one at home. I saw Minki Kim’s partnering with them on her Instagram feed and that they now carry some fabric. I needed some Cricut stuff and mostly I wanted to walk around the store and be inspired. I was. I am definitely making Minki’s eco lunchbox today. She was featured in a huge display in the store and I was so thrilled for her! They also featured the eco lunchbox that I saw on her Instagram feed! I have her and Kristin’s Sew Illustrated book and I am getting inspired to try that applique method again. Here is the free pattern info from today’s feed and was featured at Micheals just click on the pic below :

A week off and I am going to definitely go where my interests, energy, motivation and dopamine lead. I think of it as a week of exploring, improv and seeing how each day unfolds. I shall embrace my ADHD superpower, the free time and a good weather forecast. Maybe I can see some sights within a day’s drive from here. Maybe I can get a few seasonal chores done. Maybe I can make something I haven’t even thought of yet. Maybe I can find the extraordinary joy in each day.

Nothing is ordinary if you look close enough. That is what this week is all about.


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