Saturday Morning Coffee

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The week flew by in a flurry with nothing but a ton of work. I did manage to longarm my trip around the world quilt before work this week and I sewed one hexagon flower. I did also made my hexies for the 100 day project while watching videos in the evening. I made a couple of TikTok videos. I just didn’t have much left in the tank after a very long work week.

I got stuck focusing on the things I didn’t do like exercise. I didn’t clean the house up. I didn’t get to hobby lobby till last night and they didn’t have the straps I wanted to finish the crochet bags. I didn’t get the garden raked because it snowed or rained most of the week. I didn’t get a podcast recorded. I didn’t get a YouTube video made. I didn’t get the box shipped to the grandkids with the finished bags and rocks in it. I didn’t get the tower of Amazon boxes to the recycle center. I didn’t lose 10 pounds. I didn’t cook fantastic meals all week. I didn’t have much fun because adulting got in the way and a week after my vacation I was a little bitter about that.

What I did notice is that I got a lot done at my day job. I got a lot done in the mundane everyday things. I did the bare minimum on cleaning and cooking and laundry so that we didn’t operate on crisis management. We celebrated surviving the week back to work by going to B dubs for wings and beer last night. It felt good to celebrate. I was able to look back over the week and see all that I did do. I helped many people out. I accomplished all that was asked of me and then some. I really did get a lot done when I look back on it .

We have a nice sunny day today so I can get to the things I was obsessed about that I couldn’t do last week. Like the garden clean up. I have no excuse to do a little exercise this weekend. The house chores will come along and I have to change my mind about the crochet bags and make do with what is available vs what I had pictured in my mind.

Amazing how something stupid, like having to adult when all I wanted to do was be a child, can make you a little tired, burnt out and possibly cranky! I remembered about Thursday in the week that I just need to embrace what I can do one thing at a time. I have a less intense week next week and I should have no problems getting everything done that was on my mental list of things to do before and after work.


Happy Mail!! from @withmindandheart aren’t they gorgeous! #stickers #keychain #supportsmallbusiness

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Coming back from vacation was a rough transition for me and I even had one day where I wanted to quit my job, sell every unnecessary thing, move to the West coast or buy an RV and try being a self sufficient nomad.

Then I remembered I hate camping. I like having a cozy house, I am a boho clutter core maximalist who would regret setting everything and my job is really a good one. I was just a rough week.

Good thing the weekend is here to reset, rest up and feel restored. I think I am gonna have a second cup of coffee to get the good times rolling!

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  1. You are so good at capturing emotions I feel. Life is getting back to normal complete with traffic and rude people.
    I’m ready to quit my job every day!
    Thank goodness for the weekend when we can slow down a little and do some things that recharge us. Enjoy the extra coffee😉


  2. It’s so true! Making memories is way more important! I forget sometimes that I have no deadline for most of my personal projects. I have all summer to garden and spring cleaning will get done. I had to take a deep cleansing breath


  3. Enjoy your weekend! I too was just thinking of the things I didn’t get done this week, however I did have my 9 yr old grandson all week and we did make a lot of fun memories and there is always next week to get more done.


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