Saturday Morning Coffee

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Today I get to look at ground coffees and a French press. Hopefully, I will be on my way to having a good cup of coffee soon! I am going to Costco this morning to check it out.

I took my things back to the office yesterday afternoon. I packed up my card table and chair. I will not be working from home any more and that makes me sad because I surprisingly liked it! I have been keeping my eyes open for potential work from home jobs because I love it so much! Back to life, back to reality

I have all of my quilt tops quilted.

That’s a huge statement! I have two tops that were given to me that I could quilt if I want to. I love the feeling of not having a stack to do. I have a couple coming to me to quilt and I am looking forward to that. I am now going to evaluate the three wips I have going and finish them in some way. I really want to have only one project in process at a time. I love a clean slate in my crafting and creating. Be sure to check out Our Creative Souls for more of my crafting. I plan to do some reverse watercolor paints and lots more Zentangle art this summer.

Which leads me to my goal over this summer is to rearrange my craft room. I need to go through my fabrics and look at what I will really use and give the rest to friends, family and charity. I really need this room to be less chaotic and more organized. It is packed with goodies and I want to create in a little less mess.

I have some flowers blooming in the garden. I have to get some weeds out. We have a bit of work to do out there. This weekend the wildflower seeds are going to be planted. There is no frost in the forecast finally and it has been 80 degrees this past week!

I need to finish up my coffee so I can get to Costco !


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