Saturday Morning Coffee

I love the French press! So glad that my husband bought one with the electric kettle for my birthday. I watched a couple of videos, read the directions and made coffee. What is so funny, is that everyone makes a cup of coffee differently and they may even contradict each other in these videos but I found a few things that I like already in making in a good cup of coffee. that suits me. No bitterness!

I have been just making it through the first week back to the office. I have been doing most of my work on the phone still but we are slowly seeing people more face to face. It has been like riding a bike actually. I work in a very quiet wing of the building so it has been a pretty easy transition so far. When we start having groups of people for meetings in the same room, that will be the test of my re entry into the world, lol.

I have done a little bit of sewing a T shirt quilt together, a little doodle and Zentangle pages. I have been primarily learning how to make stickers with my computer and Cricuit machine. I hope to make print then cut stickers for spice jars so I am not trying to transfer little tiny vinyl letters individually with transfer tape to tiny jars. I also want to print my own stickers for my journals and planners. I can’t do just one craft over and over!

So far the day is sunny and I think spending a little time walking the neighborhood and taking a nature ride is going to happen.

Have a great day!


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