Saturday Morning Coffee

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Its 73 this morning and going to be about 85 today. I don’t think I can bear too much of the heat today so I am going to be outside in short bursts. I don’t have anything planned and I am going to do something I haven’t done much of in a couple of weeks. Be home. It was my universe for the past 15 months and not leaving for days and days was the norm. Now, that I am into my second week of working in the office full time those days seem so long ago now.

I am going to go to the dollar store and possibly to some second hand shops to look for things to make my diorama. I could just order everything from Amazon but what is the fun in that? I hope to make my fairy garden diorama on a dime. I also want to start making a simple book nook and gain skills to make my epic LOTR or HP inspired ones. I love miniatures and this seems like a cool way to explore that craft vs making a doll house. I also want to one day make a tiny diorama in an Altoid tin. Either do miniatures or I will be tempted to go all Movie studio set in my home like this:

I think I have the energy for miniatures but that house is really cool.

My husband has his first Highland game since the fall of 2019. I am not going because it is more like a group of friends hanging out today. I hope he has fun and doesn’t get hurt. I am glad that he has a few opportunities for games.

I hope that quilt shows start up again. I am looking forward to those. I am also looking forward to museums over the summer and a couple of weekend getaways. We have a couple planned.

But today, I am thoroughly enjoying my French Press coffee. It has no bitterness and it is super fun to make each morning in my little pot. I don’t get the caffeine jolt I got out of my K cup coffee and I like that . I also like that I am reducing my plastic waste and saving money.

I did a YouTube video and a podcast this week. I feel like I am creatively on a roll so who knows what I will come up with this weekend!


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