Saturday Morning Coffee

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I am basking in the early morning sun after an incredibly long work week. I made it and I worked hard. I think day job influenced my creating because I felt like I got a few things off my plate finally. I finished piecing a T shirt quilt. It is a collection of her concert T shirts. All those memories! Took me close to a year to get this far and I hope to have it done in the next few week for my friend. I sometimes need the extra time to make it and have all the thinking time needed for the improv part. I do love how it turned out.

After lots of rearranging and the careful eye of my friend Jess, I think I have the layout for my Bee Hexie quilt. I had no plan when I made this and that usually shows when the final layout is being sorted. When I laid it out I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the quilt. Jess saw in the photos it was the print on the Navy. It was directional and that was it! I was able to lay it out with the navy in an alternating pattern and I just need to finish the last block this weekend! It is amazing what a photo reveals to you about your quilt blocks, things your eyes don’t always see and it allows you to make improvements. So glad I was able to fix it before I sewed it all together. And for some reason, I made half with the Navy print horizontal and half vertical. Serendipity at its best!

I have been doing old fashioned pen to paper journaling and I do find it to be really helpful. Writing helps me in being more creative but it also helps me focus on what I want need to get done and then do it. I would recommend journaling to anyone it has helped me really sort out this pandemic life and transitioning into post pandemic life. I keep mine focused on being insightful and positive as much as possible. This month’s theme is play and how we can incorporate play, with the spirit of children, into our days. It inspired me to write this:

I played this week, I saw the partial solar eclipse and the ring of fire. So cool. I played in my garden, doodled and was inspired to wrap up a quilt or two. I am going to enjoy the summer today and plant some wildflower seeds.

Have a great weekend!


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