Saturday Morning Coffee

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This week I really felt good. The sun was shining most of the week. The garden is growing well, wildflower seeds are starting to sprout. I exercised a little most every day. I sewed. I quilted. I doodled. I journaled. It was all in all an ideal week.

So I was thinking, do I need to top that next week? I want to add a little more exercise. I don’t want to do much more that what I am currently doing because it feels comfortable around work. I was also busy because I recorded a podcast and videoed a YouTube.

Where did all this creative energy come from after the May lull? I think the sun was part of it. I took a little break from the status quo. I even played my violin once. I believe two books I bought have helped me. I am currently reading Dare to Create. I bought this as a digital book and it is helping me get some creative jumpstarts going. After that I am going to read , again, The Artists Way. I found a used paperback online. It came this week and is in beautiful shape.

What never ceases to amaze me is that creativity makes me feel more creative. I have more of it and find it easy to make things. Write more. I would recommend Dare to Create to start it is a little easier read to get you out of a creative slump or block.

I have a wedding to go to this evening. So I am not putting off hemming my new palazzo pants any more. I did already draw a bit and now blog. I look forward to doing something more normal but I do get a little dread about attending events where I know very few, if any people. I am always fine when I get there. Tomorrow the reward is a trip to Costco, lol.

Hope you have had time to work on your projects! If you want to see this weeks experiment go to Our Creative Souls here:


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