Saturday Morning Coffee

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I can’t believe that it has been only seven coffees since last week. It has been the longest, busiest, yet strange week. I was so desperate to explain this phenomenon, I looked up when the full moon was. It was Thursday night and then I saw prior to that Mercury was retrograde for a while. Yep, it sure was and it totally explains the weeks chaos.

I think this morning it feels like things are back on track. The world is perfectly calm and silent. No wind, the rain has finished and no movement of people, animals or even cars this morning. Saturday is here and I feel like I need to do a little catching up. I want to clean up, exercise, do a podcast, load a quilt and pull a few weeds this weekend.

But what I did manage to do in the midst of this weeks chaos was I dug out the Kinship sampler and sewed a few blocks before work. I hand stitched a few hexies after work, did a few doodles and knitted a washcloth. Nice and easy to balance out the work week. And best of all, I got a job speaking and teaching for a quilt guild in the fall not far from here. So exciting!

Last night we wanted to eat out like we usually do to celebrate ending the work week. We went to all of our favorite places and it was over an hour wait, town was full of people and we couldn’t even find a hamburger places that wasn’t full. So we drove by a new restaurant in town and we weren’t sure it had lobby seating. What a find, a new little Mexican restaurant and the food was delish! The transition to life after the pandemic is still rough and this week proved it. Places are short staffed. Tourism is huge because people want out and so many things still seem so complicated that used to be so easy. Like grabbing a meal on a Friday, or a “quick” run to the store, or even a weekend trip like the wedding last weekend. None of these things have been easy and I am hoping it gets better over the summer. A few more Highland Games are on, a few more gatherings with friends and family and I hope that these things get easier to do as time goes on.

So the shining light was my Friday night enchiladas. The staff was lovely and the food good.

Here’s to a relaxing weekend home!


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