Saturday Morning Coffee

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A long holiday weekend dawns. I think we will have plenty of sunshine and some heat. We have plans to see Greenfield Village, fireworks, music and then check out some historic sites and tour Meijer Garden. I will see family in between and I hope I don’t melt. It is usually hot for this weekend and I think it will be again this year. But I am so looking forward to it!

We are hoping that all the crowds will be up North and less downstate where we are going. We have hotels reserved. I have my bags packed and drinking my coffee before we go.

I am going to work hard on focusing on all the good things in this world while we are away because it is so easy to get caught up in the crowds, traffic and grumpy people. I think that this will be a nice change of pace because we usually stay home on the weekend of the 4th. This year we need a little adventure and to get away from the crowds of tourists that have been in my town for weeks.

I have been working hard lately in between the day job and exercising! I loaded a t shirt quilt and have 2 rows of quilting done. I have been knitting Grandma’s favorite wash cloth in the evenings because I have been tired. I also sewed a few of the Kinship sampler quilt blocks. July 1st was the start of the 100 blocks 100 days. I have participated in this event hosted by Gnome Angel in the past. I must confess this is my 3rd summer for the Kinship Fusion Sampler. I have 30 blocks to go. I dug it out and realized it is a chaotic mess. I didn’t plan any of the fabrics just used scraps. I think I am going to start sorting the blocks by color. Then decided a layout by surfing the internet because there are lots of finished quilts out there due to the 100 block challenge. I need inspiration for a setting before I really dig into the last 30 blocks. I may need to sew specific colors, etc.

Have a great weekend , be creative and Quilt on!


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  1. I always appreciate your positive spirit! I’m sure you will come back refreshed and energized to work at your projects. Maybe you will wish you had Tuesday off for “re-entry”. I finally got backing fabric I had waited 4 months to be back in stock to use for the antique quilt top I was gifted. It was a very specific wide backing from FQ shop. But I have 3 more Dresden plate blocks to embroider the blanket stitch on and then I can put it together. I have been so busy in the garden and my eyes are too tired in the evening for anything other than hexies. A long weekend will be just what we need! Enjoy!


    • Thanks, I wish I could take Tues off but I am covering for a co worker to best me to those idea of a day off! I am always up for a little adventure and look forward to it!

      It still surprises me occasionally the things we can’t get easily or the cost of things in short supply! I am sure this will all settle down but when?


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