Saturday Morning Coffee

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I had a wonderful time last weekend. We did go to Greenfield village for their 4th special. We saw freighters and then Monday went to Meijer Garden. We saw my parents and then my son and his wife. It was fantastic to be outside doing things in warm weather and to visit with family. Here are a few photos from Instagram, it is nice to reflect on the time we had doing normal things.

I was really taken by the Zen garden and the Japanese garden. I went on a deep dive this week about what makes these gardens and thought about how I could incorporate some of the elements that made the garden feel so peaceful and healing. Loved it. I even spent last evening looking at making a little tabletop Zen garden. It was a wonderful experience to walk in this garden and feel the peace and healing that comes from gardens.

There are more pictures and videos from my trip on Instagram if you would like to see more!

The sun is shining again today after days of rain and unseasonably cold weather. I hope to spend time just sitting in my garden. The wildflower seeds are starting to grow and I need to water some plants. I don’t have much planned today but the usual Saturday things of chores and laundry. I have been working on my projects in 15 min time blocks this past week and they are coming along. It never ceases to amaze me what can get done in such a short period of time including exercise and chores!

I have been working on quick creative jump starts this week and today I hope to try another Cyanotype. I have been doodling and I have 2 watercolor papers to do my doodles on. I may even try to do a little more water color something. I told you, no plans. I just have time to fill creatively and I never really know how that is going to work out!

This is also a weekend to record a podcast and a YouTube video. I may do my hair and makeup and do a vlog style video.

Then I will be on vacation for the next two Saturdays so I will most likely blog when I return, so no worries just going to see family I haven’t seen in a couple of years and it is way overdue. The flight is actually feeling real since this trip was cancelled so many times over the pandemic.

Be Creative this weekend and Quilt on!


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