Saturday Morning Coffee

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I went on a week vacation to Virginia Beach. I spent a week visiting the grandkids, my daughter and her husband. It was great. We went to the Botanical gardens, the park to play, the library , strung pony beads for bracelets and tie dyed shirts, socks, scrunchies and headbands. I had a wonderful time. It was great to travel on a plane again, to see new scenery and have a long visit. I haven’t seen my daughter and her family in over 2 years. They bought a new house in that time, kids started school , they had Covid and as well as the year of working and being home. Lots has happened but we picked up right where we left off.

Back home, I felt refreshed and decided that I want to finish the 3 UFO’s sitting around. I did a YouTube all about what I am going to finish. I also did a podcast this week. I have started to clear the slate, so to speak, so can I prepare for fall projects I want to make. I don’t feel like I can move forward with so much to finish.

I have to say that I have felt that, for the past few weeks, that I just can’t get any traction on making progress on much of anything! I feel slow, a little disorganized and quite honestly just taking it easy during these hot, dog days of summer, taking it a little too easy!

I am definitely doing 15 min a day of creating as usual. I was flitting from project to project. Willy Nilly. I decided I needed a better plan and to finish things. I love the feeling of finishing things! So far, I have finished long arming a T shirt quilt. I have pressed and prepped another quilt to load. I am doing a block a day on the last 25 blocks for the Kinship sampler. I am knitting washcloths and using up the last of the cotton yarn I have. I am hand sewing my 100 hexies as we go along. I am feeling like I am making lots of progress now!

So getting back into the groove after vacation! Work was a great week to clear the slate too.

I went on a drive last night in nature and here are a few pics to show you what a beautiful evening it was to kick off the weekend.

herd of elk in the distance
Home again and they have the light fixed in the clock!

Have a great weekend!


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