Saturday Morning Coffee

I just finished scanning the news headlines for results of the Olympics. I have been enjoying the Olympics very much. I watched as much of it as I could and really enjoyed celebrating the athletes as well as sport. I love the stories of the under dog who comes from behind and wins. I can’t say that this Olympics was any different. I watched elite athletes who struggle with everyday human problem do some great things. Some were winning medals and other just had great performances. And then Simone Biles did a very brave thing and did not compete in several events because her medical condition was in her mind as well as body. I applaud her for doing what was best for her and the sport. I applaud all the athletes who have dedicated their lives to their sport and did their best in Tokyo.

I have to get inspired right now. I am working my way through a personal UFO challenge and I have only about 15 more Kinship blocks to make. Then the 10 year old quilt to long arm and then piece what’s left of the Irish Chain. I have one little Christmas quilt on the frame to finish for a customer. I am a little late due to feeling off this week with allergies and a touch of vertigo. I have lots of things I want to make for fall and Halloween but I need to finish up these lingering projects first.

It has been an odd week. It was so hazy from west coast fires raging , the smoke was carried on the jet stream blocking out the sun. I felt the heaviness in the air and it had a smoky smell . Air quality was poor on those hot humid days. I can’t imagine what is happening in those fires and I hope that they can contain it soon . Hope that people stay safe.

I have some alone time this weekend. I decided that feeling off meant I should not sit all day in 90 degree weather watching my husbands highland games. I have work to do, house to tidy up and UFO’s to work on. I have had a pretty long week and need time to recuperate from it. I need to get serious about a few things l haven’t been as serious about as I need to be and I am looking at this weekend as a jumping off point in re establishing routines, healthy living and just plain old rest.

Hope you have a great weekend! I am feeling better already with a good night’s sleep, a good cup of coffee and a fresh start to this day.


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    • Yes, Connie, I guess I didn’t realize how exhausted I was ! I spend time catching up with loved ones last night and this morning. No rushing about. I am starting to feel refreshed already and I thing much needed breaks are needed more often for me these days.


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