Saturday Morning Coffee

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This week has been more knitting and less quilting. Some sewing and some cleaning. Loads of work at the day job. I have been getting things checked off my list and kept up with the basics. But it has been another week where I have to be going 100 miles an hour at work all of the time to just barely keep up and it has left me exhausted and feeling like I can’t get traction on a couple of things but I hope to change all of that that this weekend.

What I have decided to do is to join Kristin and Frances in casting on this lovely wrap. I am nearly done with my Grandma’s favorite dishcloths because I am running out of the yarn I was using up. Here is the free pattern:

I have a 150g ball of yarn, called Transitions, that was supposed to be one shawl. I spent a ton of money on it, 40$ a few years back, and then was too intimidated by the pattern and the yarn. BUT I think it is perfect for this project. I am using up what I have in my stash and if I want to try the wool yarn used in the pattern for a second wrap, I will order it. I love the yarn I have and this stockinette stitch pattern is perfect for my evening fidget /handwork while watching shows. Something about the feeling of fall coming in the air that brings out the bigger knit projects.

I have some wildflowers growing from the seeds we planted and they are blooming finally in the garden. The perennial flowers are lovely and some keep blooming and blooming. I have really enjoyed them this year. I know I have a bit of work weeding all the beds in the spring but I am happy with flower placement and I think my little arbor vitae shrubs may survive. They don’t look pretty with yellow patches in them but I want to give them more time to grow. I have enjoyed the birds , bees and other wildlife that have also enjoyed the garden. I think we will put the feeder back up for the birds when the frost starts and the bird virus may not be spread as easily. I have not felt that I have any traction on my long arming. I work on that this weekend. I have a local highland game to check in on and see how my husband is doing, too. So I think I will do a bunch of walking on this lovely, summer day. It is much cooler and the oppressive humidity and wildfire haze in the jet stream is gone for the time being. I can breathe better and enjoy the summer sun.

Off to make the most of the weekend. They seem too short these days!


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  1. You always say you are behind or having trouble getting traction, yet you turn out several projects in a day! I’m always amazed! I am lucky to spend time on one of my knitting or writing projects in a day and I’m retired from regular work.


    • You know that’s a good observation maybe I just feel behind because I have too many things on my list of things I have to do that I don’t like and want to spend more time on what I wanna do. For the first time in a long time I was late on a deadline and I felt really bad about it. It all ended well but I don’t like living that way. Lots to think about .


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