Saturday Morning Coffee

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Another hot week marking more dog days of summer and the haze from the west coast fires are back. I have to say it makes the sky and light strange. Local schools start soon and I can see the daylight starting to shorten its hours . There are some leaves starting to change, too. Summer flew by for me, faster than usual. There are several signs that fall is going to be here soon on the 45th parallel.

It is a time for thinking about the September new year. It is a mental new year because school is starting. I am going to change the décor to fall/Halloween to mark the occasion and celebrate all I love about the season. I also want to continue the ritual ideas I started to embrace during lockdown last year to mark the seasons and changes.

I have some projects to organize that I wanted to start in the fall. Things like going thru my wardrobe and the perpetual clean up of the craft room. But doing things in small increments are starting to add up because things feel more organized and put in it’s proper place!

I have been enjoying the sun. I went two a small festival last weekend and watched my husband do highland games. I enjoyed being on a small lake and was able to score a couple of cool old things at a flea market! I was able to see our summertime friends and it was nice after being home so much over the past year!

I hit a huge milestone in my 90 day UFO challenge this week and I finished piecing my Kinship blocks. I found a layout in my digital files for the pattern called Dissolve and I have some blocks on the design wall. I will have 2 quilts using 50 blocks ! I found a white fabric at Fat Quarter shop on sale so I ordered it for the background and sashing. Whooo hoooo this quilt that I have been slowly sewing for the past 3 summers in the 100 days 100 blocks is nearly done! Let’s hope the white fabric gets here soon, I feel like I am on a roll!

I am feeling the fall vibes as I cast on a wrap on my knitting needles. I am joining Kristin and Frances making the Elementary Wrap. I am pleased with my progress using a yarn I have been hoarding for quite some time. I hoarded 150g of a yarn called Transitions because I looked at the one skein pattern suggested for it and became overwhelmed. I was afraid to use it so it sat, for years. I have no idea if it will make the wrap big enough but what is knitting up is beautiful. Stockinette stitch is my favorite. If you want to join in, find your yarn and cast on! It is a slow stitching , zen project to work on a row or two at a sitting.

I have to say this week I have quilted, sewed, knit, did watercolor tests, didba couple of exercise sessions and journaled all in little 15 min blocks of time in between my work and life responsibilities. I have come to realize that I have to be a little more creative on finding these moments and keeping to my routine. Going back to the office vs working from home was difficult and I felt a bit out of sorts on my routine all summer. And doing things I love to do felt like I was short on time or behind on a few deadlines. I think I am getting it down again.

I think I am going to run to Costco and Micheals today! I hope to find the good stuff !


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