Saturday Morning Coffee

Photo by Laura Tancredi on

I decided to go to bed early because I wanted to get up early and start making a wreath that I started last evening. I have been so obsessed with two wreaths and I started one of them. I am so excited about it!! I did get it finished. Last night was all the thinking about what I wanted it to look like and today was executing the plan. I got it done already I may add a little more to it but I love my Halloween Crescent Moon wreath!!

I took yesterday off from work to just do self care. It has been several stressful weeks. I did loads of crafts, my nails, journaling and quilting. I have nearly one of the two Kinship Dissolve quilts pieced. I am so happy. It feels great to lose yourself in your creative endeavors for a whole day. It was very therapeutic and energizing.

So today I am going thrifting with a friend. I hope to find loads of goodies. I have no plan really just keeping my eyes open and see what is out there. I love the adventure part of thrifting because you never know what you are going to find!

Totally a life lesson there in thrifting lol!

Wish me luck! The coffee is gone and I am ready to go!


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