Saturday Morning Coffee

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I am excited that today is a Costco run. I haven’t been out in the past 2 days of my long anticipated 4 day weekend except briefly to Walmart and there are loads of people in town. I don’t like driving in that much traffic nor weaving my way through a crowded store, let along deal with all that issues that are happening in the parking lots which I won’t go into detail. Why are they all in town? Opening day of deer hunting is Monday.

I have spent the past two day just slowly messing about the house. I cleaned up and even mopped the floors and washed the rugs. I sewed and sewed. I put a binding on a quilt, I am playing about with a gnome fabric to make a quilt project. I did a podcast and a YouTube video. I did a little exercise. Overall, I did all the things I set out to do. So now, I am ready to get out and have a little adventure to the store.

My husband was working or getting ready for hunting so having a day together will be really nice. I have to admit, I had much needed time alone for the past two days and loads of time creating but that need for me has been satisfied. I hope to have a fun day. We will get a meal, travel a long way listening to the oldies on the radio, talk about our week and have a great time. I know it is grocery shopping but for us it is quite a day of adventure.

We may not buy traditional Thanksgiving things this year, we are hoping Costco has some interesting and affordable options. More adventure, we don’t know what we will find!

I have been getting used to the transition of the seasons and we are really into winter already. Short daylight hours, snow is falling and I have found my winter coat. I need boots. Tis the season for knitting and binding quilts. I have been excited about making some Cricut things from classes I recently took. We are looking at watching more movies and finding binge worthy shows. Same things I do every winter, it is so predictable it can be really boring and something I don’t look forward to. That’s where Costco works in as a new thing this winter, an adventure!

So as we make an everyday activity, grocery shopping, into an adventure, I hope that you have a great Saturday. I need to put more coffee on my list.

Maybe we will live really large and stop at a Joann’s on the way home!


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