Saturday Morning Coffee

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Wow, this week flew by. I was so busy at work and came home really tired. I mean I have been double booked at work for the past two weeks. It is exhausting. I decided that if I was tired I went to bed “early” and slept 8-9 hours. I thought trying to get by on less sleep wasn’t necessary and the time change has made it difficult to stay up that extra hour to just watch TV or scroll TikTok. I am feeling well rested and more energetic today to tackle the chores and then play.

I have been sewing two projects this week, in the morning, before work. The first one is a block for an upcoming Fat Quarter Shop preview/ promo . The ig pic is below. It is using templates. The first block went together fantastically! But the second one not so much. I want to make 4 more and change the color placement to see what it would look like and make a mini quilt. It is a slow process using templates. I am much faster at paper piecing. It really proves to me that one way isn’t better than another it is all about personal preference on how to piece it.

The second item I have been quietly working on is a Christmas design that I can’t say too much about, yet. I have made a version I like and now to quilt it. It is a small item so it won’t take long but I just need to get it loaded. I seem to be procrastinating on that part so it has to happen today while I am off the day job. To be fair, I was thinking about quilting it on my domestic machine today but my fingers hurt and I don’t like doing it that way. I am going to do what I am comfortable with…. long arming. I haven’t designed much in the past year and I had forgotten how time consuming it is and then trying to put what I did on paper is another challenge. It’s not hard to do just tedious, I plan to get it done today.

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week. My husband is deer hunting this weekend and next week. It has been years since he has been going regularly. I think he went out last year for the first time in a decade or more. His Uncle retired so they go together, and my husband doesn’t like going out alone for safety reasons. I sure don’t blame him. What does this have to do with Thanksgiving? My husband has cooked the meal since the great food poisoning Thanksgiving of 1987. I love that he has always cooked the meal but he won’t have time this year. We are having a non traditional meal if we can’t find a small turkey and then I will cook it. I own a meat thermometer these days to prevent food poisoning. In addition, I am not buying a 30 pound bird. There aren’t many to choose from with supply chain shortages and it isn’t that important to me to have a turkey. I have lots of chicken and I can make stuffing with the rest of the sides while he is out hunting. I am still thinking about it… for some reason making this decision has been really difficult this year, heck, I may decide at the last minute to to a Thanksgiving lasagna. We aren’t attending a family gathering again this year due to schedules and then there’s that Covid surge so I am not really worrying about making a meal. I am planning to see our son and his wife the day after Thanksgiving and then in the next week or so seeing my parents. I feel like with Covid, who can plan for anything anymore. It’s all a loose network of ideas of what we would like to do and then the night before we decide if all is well to even try to carry out those plans. NOT how I usually operate but that is life.

Then I hear my husbands job wants him to turn in all of his vacation time for 2022 in the next 10 days. It is like this normally but I can’t even think about what I am doing next week let alone in 2022. I am going to dig out my calendar tomorrow and start mapping out a few weeks and the rest is going to be ad lib!

Have a great Saturday and may your coffee be delightful,


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