Saturday Morning Coffee

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This weekend we are supposed to get some snow and the winds have started. The sky is still dark and snow is starting to fall. I hear that Hawaii is supposed to get more than we are. I mean seriously, Hawaii with 12 inches of snow and 100 mile an hour winds. I won’t complain about our little slice of winter around here. I had to look it up and it has been 3 1/2 years since the last blizzard warning was given to Hawaii. A big shock to me as I thought they never would get snow!

So many things that I could get super distracted with this weekend and I have loads of projects I could flit to and land on for a few minutes, then flit on to the next. But I have 2 projects I must finish this weekend. I need to finish hand sewing the binding and thread burying on a T shirt quilt I started at the beginning of the pandemic. I need to finish some mini quilts hand stitching the binding for a collaboration that is being shared this week. Binding is a slow process for me due to the hand stitching part but it is the results I like best.

I want to wander down some rabbit holes of making some Cricut things and I may be able to make them soon but I can’t find the base material to personalize the gifts on. I may need to purchase the base material online. I want to make all the needle felting things. I have several quilty things I want to sew and several quilts of mine I need to long arm. Have I made any progress on any of these plans that I have had for weeks? Not even one thing. I have been doing things that I should set aside like loom knitting , doom scrolling, too much TV shows and just playing stupid games on my phone because of the state of the world, the intensity of my work and the finite limits of my mental space and physical energy this week. I practiced a lot of self care like going to bed early, resting and just hanging out.

But, this is the thing, on this weekend I need to do some real adulting and stop meandering down divergent paths and falling into rabbit holes of making partial project and internet research. I have deadlines I need to meet and the finishes are slow. I have a dusty house that needs tending to and I have time to work on the other things all winter but as my grandma always said, First thing’s first.

Once I give the house a good cleaning then I can start to pull out more Christmas decorations. Then I can start making more messy things and then I can start to sort one little part of my studio and organize it a little at a time. Don’t expect any massive “makeover” reveals on the studio space. I just need to clean it up so I can find what I have, lol. There is a door on that room for a reason, I just don’t like the mess to flow out into the rest of the house.

I have finished my week with a lovely dinner with my husband last evening. We had steaks that were ok, fab drinks, listened to live acoustic music, saw loads of people we knew from around town. For a small, tiny moment in the hectic and chaotic week, we had an oasis. I am allowing that renewal of energy to get me going on the list I must tackle over the next three days. The reward is that we are planning to watch the big game tonight at home. Special snacks and maybe a beverage is on the list to find another oasis during this unprecedented time.

Hope your coffee is as good as mine is!


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