Saturday Morning Coffee

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This week I have been thinking about putting up my Christmas tree today. I am going to decorate it with ornaments I have but not dig deeply into the really old ornaments because they are so sentimental and I don’t want to do that right now. I toyed with the idea of buying new ornaments and having a themed tree but why waste money when I have everything I need at home. Besides, what’s available locally was super picked over and then I lost interest in a theme because by the time I ordered all the things Christmas may be over with.

I could make a few ornaments if it seems like it needs more. Putting up the tree will be a long process because I don’t know if my back will allow it to get done in one go. Just as I was healing up from the Thanksgiving incident where I tweaked my back putting a garbage bag in the can, I slipped on the snow covered steps outside. That resulted in a quick quest for boots which was shockingly successful. Keen’s -they fit my feet and have good tread! The back is much better after some rest, stretches and Tylenol. This getting older is quite an adventure.

That’s ok even without the back incident, I would rather work on decorating a little at a time.

I have been working on my Santa Cookie Mat collaboration with Angel all November and this week she posted the interview we did in the YouTube tutorial of how to make the Nordic star mat. Here is the video if you are interested. It was so much fun to do!

I love this Nordic star. I designed the mat around the star and then on the side there is a pocket for a carrot for Rudolph! I spent the last week making a larger star that is a layer cake friendly version because the Gnome Antics fabrics is 10 inch squares and I didn’t want to waste it. Here is the result:

I have enough left to make one more star and the sashing. I was so excited about this block that I decided I wanted to make a whole quilt from it. I impulsively purchased some lovely red and white fabric from Angel’s store on Small Business Saturday and I knew instantly that is what I want to use for my large Nordic star quilt.

nordic star quilt block

I normally wait and start a new quilt project in January, but I decided this year to combat the Covid blues over the holidays to start now. I have a simple pattern with few decisions to make, lovely fabric that will be fab to work with and an expanse of time with not a lot of things filling my calendar these days. Maybe you want to join me? I am doing this journey mostly on my Facebook Group and I am also going to talk about it on Instagram. I may do a few lives over the next month to work on it with those who may want to join in. This is pretty organic, and my thoughts are maybe you need a little company to sew with over the holidays even if it is virtual.

The wind is picking up and we have cancelled our plans for the day. There is a messy freezing rain and snow mix forecast with 40 plus mile an hour winds that is too much for me to stand outside and watch the Colonial Christmas at the fort nearby. I have plans for the day and I am really excited about them!

Todays’ coffee was the best I have had in months, I have savored every drop.


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