Saturday Morning Coffee

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Its been a strange and wonderful week. It was strange because there were two days where the wind blew so hard. 60 mile an hour gusts! Power was out for many and at the office. So I was able to work from home toasty warms with power and full internet. It was a welcome change to have a low key workday after the first half of the week being very busy and stressful. I love working from home maybe in 2022 they would consider it for me a day a week.

I was able to finish up all the washcloths – weaving in ends and stitching the coasters up for the Christmas gifts for my family. I was on a finishing roll this week, too. It feels so good. I was in the messy middle of so many things. Now they are done! T shirt Quilt and a pillow, loaded the gnome quilt top and its almost quilted, the loom knitted gloves are done. I hate having all the projects in the messy middle. I like the feeling of finishing and being proud of what I was able to learn and make.

Then this week, I recieved my needed red and while fabric in the mail to be sure to have enough for the Red and White Christmas Nordic star quilt I have been wanting to start. I had one block done. I even did a kick -off of Come Sew with me on a FB live and I have 2 stars done. I want to make 12 blocks. I love the excitement of a fresh start and all the energy that comes with it. I have tested this block and I can’t wait to see what the entire quilt looks like finished. Sometimes what your mind’s eye sees and what you make are a little different.

So off to Costco today. Then visit my parents. I am excited to get out because I have been home for 2 days! The weather is great and I feel good two components for a great trip. We are getting my favorite coffee for the road and a special breakfast !

I hope your weekend is wonderful! If you need a sewing buddy because you are home you can watch my FB live here:

Happy Saturday,


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