That Strange week between Holidays

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It’s that strange week between Christmas and New Year in another strange year. Very little is happening except Covid. Bowl games are being cancelled, no NYE ball drop in Times square. Edinburg cancelled Hogmanay festivities,too.

This week is always strange and I normally take it off but I am working Monday thru Thursday . Skeleton crew and just a few appts the whole week but I am covering a couple of others while off .

It’s such an odd week, I looked it up on Google to see what’s the deal with this week. It’s got a special name in Norway. Romjul. The week of extending Merry Christmas but before the end of the advent. In modern times it begins today December 27 and ends on New Year’s Eve. I had to see if I had any Norwegian ancestry and the new update shows I do have some DNA from Norway, so I want to embrace Romjul this year!

I have decided that I am going to embrace the weirdness of the work week. Yesterday, I went and had a holiday meal with my husband, son and daughter in law. We watched a movie at home and played with the dog.

Today I am extending Christmas by finishing the pinwheel Christmas quilt top made from orphan blocks in my late friends stash. It’s a wonderful memory quilt and I get to savor the holiday. I am keeping my late to party Christmas tree up and keep the house lit with fairy lights and candles.

I am embracing the concept that during Romjul we are still celebrating while we wait to usher in the new. We make space for lingering calls to family and friends. We ask how their holiday went. It’s time for extended family visits but not for us this year. It’s a slow down and relax, reflect upon the season and prepare for a transition into the New Year.

It’s a time to shop the sales, give yourself some little indulgences of spending time in a holiday manner and it’s a time to continue the idea of being comfy, cozy and reflecting on the past year.

I plan to have warm yummy drinks, eating delicious food and not pushing myself too hard. I am embracing the quiet at the office and taking the time to work in slow motion since it was chaos the past month.

Romjul. Glad I googled this week and now I am going to scour Instagram and Pinterest for ideas on celebrating this season.



  1. I love that you found that the week has a name. If you can label it – then you can celebrate it! 🙂 I’m in for Romjul!


  2. I love this “strange” week, too! I am 50% Norwegian and had no idea that this week had a name! I’m embracing it now and enjoying the comforts of Romjul and whatever goodness it brings.


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