Saturday Morning Coffee

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on Pexels

I have a four day weekend. The weather has not been nice. Loads of wind and some snow for the overnight. It has been another strange week with a full moon. It never ceases to amaze me how I can set my watch to how people behave at work by the cycle of the moon!

The weekend is a wonderfully long one. I have no plans for Sat and Sunday. Monday I have signed up for Cricut classes that are free online via

If you have a Cricut and are overwhelmed with how to use it , I recommend taking these free workshops. If you can take a day or so off from work and watch them during their free viewing it’s totally worth it. If you cannot, it is a good value buying the “all access” pass so you can get all the free patterns and the free video tutorials. I have learned so much about how to use my Cricut and the design software. I am looking forward to the classes because I learn something new every time I take a class!

I am loving living the slow life. I have made the slow creative life a priority for several decades however, I got caught up in hustle culture a few years ago. I spend the last two years reconnecting with slow living and I love it. I love that I have time to cook meals with Home chef’s help , leisurely. I have time to watch the Olympics without much guilt. I have also found others on social choosing this lifestyle and I am finally, There are others who are shunning life at high speed and making a lovely life!

Slow living even has a Wiki page these days! Wanna learn about slow living? Here is a great article.

I found this lifestyle in the early 2000s it resonated with me. I live very slowly in the winter and it is all about intentional mindful living that savors each moment. It is living a simple full life with nature, nurturing yourself and having breathing room. There are loads of articles, Ted talks and social about it , I am going to see what new things are out there about slow living !



  1. I didn’t realize that there was a term for this lifestyle! We are deep in winter right now and I am extremely thankful to be in a place in life where I can choose more quiet and slow living. Thank you for the Cricut link!


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