Saturday Morning Coffee

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I had a wonderful week being inspired by a week of classes for Cricut projects that were free. These free classes couldn’t have come at a better time. I was able to get free patterns to make and bonus patterns in each class. It was very inspiring and educational to use my machine for loads of projects. There were 6 classes a day and I watched most of them! I will post the one I worked on this week on Our Creative Souls blog see side bar. All of that inspiration spilled over into other areas of my life, too.

I attribute this flash of inspo to having a little time off and a little sunshine. I loaded a table topper to the long arm that I have been concerned about quilting because the batting is actually insulbrite. It is quilting up just fine. All the worry and procrastination was unfounded.

I did a little excercise Monday through Friday each day. I rowed, did indoor walking and yoga for seniors. I feel great! Knees feel less painful and I have to say better my mental state is better all around. I hated to think of myself as a senior however, these are the exercises I could do and not hurt my body. I plan to keep up the small changes.

I needed all of this inspiration to keep me focused on my life and on each day of responsibilities. The world events are so upsetting, work has been full of stress of very sick people needing help as well as the dreaded office politics that make a hard job even harder. But I felt that doing all the creativity, exercise and keeping my routines have helped me overcome and balance it out.

It is deceptively cold outside, but the sun is shining again. I have to start to banish the winter clutter in the house, recycle all the dang boxes, and get caught up on laundry. But first coffee! Then Costco and then some fun stuff and weave in the chores throughout the rest of the weekend.

I pray for the world right now, and to keep focused on what I can do I am going to quilt, craft, exercise and try to keep myself balanced. I am tired of these unprecedented historic times as I am sure you are too,


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