Saturday Morning Coffee

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Well, the top rack dishwasher broke. We don’t know our own strength around here. It is a new machine too. The rack dangles and if you balance the rack on the wheels that are broken off, and the stoppers are gone too, you can load a few things. Now to find a replacement rack. I hope we can find the part because I hate doing dishes by hand! That is today’s project. I don’t want to have to do half loads of dishes for months lol! So far, online sources say it may be July before parts can be shipped. We are going to go to Lowe’s to see if there is any hope of getting parts earlier. Plus, it will give me a chance to look at their plants.

I am pretty happy that it is going to warm up for the next few days and really melt off a bunch of the snow. If it stays in the 40’s maybe I can go for a walk outside. It would be a nice change of pace!

I had several quilts dropped off by my friends. I have made progress on quilting table toppers with insulbrite, see the picture, and they look so pretty with the lovely Christmas fabrics. I have some big quilts to do as well, I am looking forward to this being long arming season and binding season.

I am adopting one mindfulness exercise a day. That may be a Zentangle, doing a breathing exercise, yoga or a visualization meditation! It is great to keep grounded in the here and now. I have to stick with it because I can get on a roll where I am just wanting to be “productive” and then I neglect these essential self-care practices. I have found that they are essential for getting through the work week!

I have also started to let go of a few items. I rehomed them. I will be doing that more and more over the next year or so. I love my maximalist stuff with the idea that as things come in the home, I have to let some things go, which is a minimalist mindset. A strange way to keep these opposing thoughts as my rule of thumb!

I mean there is only so much square footage in this home. I have many things that I have inherited that needs to be evaluated on whether I need to keep it or if it needs to be rehomed. It’s a concept from the book Swedish Death cleaning. I am doing a lighter, less intense version of it that. It will take time. Must be the inkling of spring in the air that is bringing this mindset on!

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