Saturday Morning Coffee

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This week has been full of sunshine, wind and snow. Yes, snow blotting out the sunshine from time to time. I keep hearing that spring is starting in some places but not here. That is why we don’t plant tender things until the end of May or June. However, what is promising is the longer hours of sunshine and just as I get used to the morning sunshine streaming through the windows by 730 am, it is change the clock weekend to daylight savings time. OH HOW I HATE IT. It takes me days to get acclimated to changing the clocks . I think it will be a week of more coffee and pushing through.

This past week was a quiet week for me. I am blessed with lots of paid time off through my job and I had a recurrence, with a vengeance, of the UTI I had a couple of weeks ago. I took another medication and rested a lot! I drank a lot of water, so much water. I did a bit of crafting and quilting.

It was a great week to do a deep dive with journaling. The journal’s theme is Wonder this month. It’s been an interesting thing to explore. I think of being excited about seeing something and being in awe or inspired by it. Wonder can also be allowing your mind to ask questions about why do we do things? Who thought of this invention and why? I wonder what …….. is or means. So it’s very interesting, I wonder about lots of things and look all types of trivia and facts up. All the time , I mean all the time. Who is this actor on my show? Lets find out about them. I am one of the few people who actually will watch a YouTube video or read a blog then go and read their about page. So wonder has turned about to be a beautiful theme. Wonder is what makes us see things of beauty, partake of the joys of life and to seek answers out of pure curiosity and wonder. I like it! It’s what Saturday Morning Coffee is all about , weekly musings and wonderings.

Things I have been wondering about it this week: I wonder what you can do with cardstock projects on the Cricut? I like cutting paper so much. I started some fairy houses and need to finish them. I will write about them more on Our Creative Souls when I am done.

I have wondered what quilting projects to work on and then the answer came with several of my friends dropping of quilts over the past 2 weeks. So, it is long arming season. I am glad because I haven’t done a ton of long arming this winter and I have a couple of projects that will be custom work. That will be so much fun!

All in all, if you have sick time or personal time, I say use it. I used 3 much needed days off in a row. That didn’t put a dent in the hours I have. I stopped allowing pressure, to get back to work when I wasn’t ready, make my decisions for my health. I let the meds work and I feel great. I am rested and getting caught up on chores around the house. I am soaking up the sun this morning and I just finished my coffee. I feel great and ready to face the day with more wonder.


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