Saturday Morning Coffee

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There was a breath of Spring in the air this week giving me Spring fever. The snow is melting, and I have been inspired to get some things done. Like clean up the house a little and dream of gardening, walking outside and seeing green plants again. I was encouraged with growth of my houseplants, giddy with sunshine on Thursday and inspired to make things this long 4-day weekend that I planned back in January.

I had high hopes back in January of doing a pub crawl even if it meant I was going to crawl from room to room. I have always wanted to do a proper pub crawl. My husband and I did one only once, pre pandemic which feels so long ago. However, after being sick for so long I decided not to do that. Instead, on St Patrick’s I walked slowly from dept to dept at my local Hobby Lobby after getting my hair and my one nail done. I spend the day crafting, listening St Patrick’s day radio and feeling giddy in the sunshine, going places without wearing a jacket!

I have been long arming every day. I have quilts to do for my friends and they are beautiful and inspiring also both the quilts and the people. I have to say I must operate a little better under a wee bit of pressure of timelines and everybody’s spring travel because I have been getting them done in an efficient manner! I have had the best time seeing my friends after a long time of not due to Covid and I spent the afternoon yesterday catching up with several of them as they picked up and dropped off. These are women who retired from where I work and speak the language of my job as well as quilt. I enjoyed hearing about their retirement, and it was wonderful.

I did have a huge reality check on the prices of things when I was out and about. I saw how expensive gas was. I had no idea that the cost of making supplies at Hobby Lobby had gone up so much! I am going to focus my shopping on Amazon and other websites for Cricut vinyl, iron on vinyl as well as quilt making supplies like batting and thread. I spent way too much money for not a lot of supplies. This motivated me to a challenge for myself. Cricut crafts are going to upcycle as many things as possible! I have loads of old picture frames, recycled jars and containers etc that could all be upcycled and decorated. And Paper crafts on the Cricut are inexpensive, I may hone my skills using cardstock and other papers! I have been inspired to keep doing art journals by this TikTok channel, which can be something I can make Cricut cut paper things for, upcycle what I have and practice my miniature skills. I met Kat through Highland Games and her IG, as well as TikTok, are some of my favorites. Look at her tiny journal!!

And this Youtuber, Crafter is great:

Today its above 32, raining and will be a great day to continue to make things. I hope to make one Dear Jane block over the weekend. It’s going to be a lovely 2 more days off.


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