Saturday Morning Coffee

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This is the time of the year where everything seems to be hanging in limbo here. It’s still winter for most of the days with ice and snow, wind and cold temps. Then for some brief moments it will rain or the sun will break through in the afternoon warming our souls and melting the snow for a few hours. Overall, we are on the edge of it becoming full on spring but not quite yet.

I have also been feeling that I am waiting for a bit of warmer weather to do the annual spring cleaning. I am going to start small things today to get a little more tidy, so I downloaded a Flylady app for my phone. I am using it as a way to jumpstart better cleaning and decluttering habits that I may have let slip a little over the winter. I am not trying for perfection but a little more order would be nice. I had started the pandemic with loads of cleaning and then it slid a little.

fails or what I like to think as learning experiences

I am planning to finish the last row on a quilt, load the next one in the queue, try sewing a Dear Jane block that was an epic fail last week because I didn’t use stabilizer and make a Cricut sign with burlap. I plan to pace myself and do these things very slowly over the next 2 days so I don’t aggravate my lower back that has been a bit sore.

I decided that there is no reason to wait for “real” spring to get moving!

Have a great week!


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