Saturday Morning Coffee

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A nice slow week. I knit a few rows. I pressed a quilt top and back to load on the frame this weekend. I caught up on my shows. I journaled every day. I got my work done during a slow week on the job at a normal pace. I did laundry and a little cleaning. No Fly lady. No long arming. No real pushing myself for “massive” productivity. I did focus on doing more exercise and a workout or two. It was great. I had a wonderful week of rest and transitioning back into work and being back home.

I have had a serious conversation with myself for the past year about a few things and this slide show above really gets to the heart of the matter. Click on the slide show to expand the one slide to see all of the them and the story it tells.

I had decided during the pandemic I don’t want to be a full-time maker. I did at one time, and I don’t anymore. I want to keep my hobbies my hobbies. I like them better that way. I won’t stop making things because I find making a very satisfying and beneficial for my mental health. I still plan to keep my social media up and do my podcast, You tube and blog. But it is a hobby for me. I like it that way and it keeps it fun! I really enjoy sharing what I am making and the benefits of making with others.

I have also decided this week that it is a time of transition for the podcast and its content. I have many listeners that are quilters. I am going to talk about quilts but I want to continue to talk about other things that I am interested in and things I am inspired to make. I don’t think it will be a huge change but I am going to expand topics a bit and spend more time talking about them. It may be more of a change in my head than what will happen in the content creation. We will see. All that to say that I am a no niche maker and content creator and will continue to have social. It just may be a little different and maybe not quite as often. I am keeping the IG account for now, the FB group , and You Tube. TikTok is fun but its gonna be a sporadic thing too. I am relaxing a bit and focusing on quality vs quantity.

I hope to get out in the sunshine today. I saw the first plants starting to grow in a warm border bed. I believe they are day lillies. The ground isn’t dry enough to start working in the garden. It snowed earlier this week and at 430 am I woke up to the sound of thunder and pouring rain on the roof. That should melt the snow and help defrost the ground! I can’t wait to be outside more. I plan to walk in the neighborhood today and inspect the garden for signs of spring.

I am going to get a cuppa tea now and start doing a bit of spring cleaning and purging the house of clutter. Slow and steady


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