Saturday Morning Coffee

Hot cup of coffee by Markus Spiske is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Saturday Morning Coffee on a Sunday. We are just getting back from vacation. We saw the grandkids and then went to Gettysburg. This spring trip was planned as a totally different trip last year and then all of those plans to teach several quilt classes fell through. I couldn’t have been happier to have something cancel. Truely lemonade from lemons because we had a wonderful and refreshing time. With Covid still going on we had loose plans for this trip but it was done what I call “improv” style. We took a chance and didn’t prebook anything other than the flights we purchased in January. It all worked out!

We flew from Detroit to Norfolk for 4 days. We hiked with the kids and grandkids at several parks. Totally got in touch with nature. We flew back to Detroit and then drove to Gettysburg for 5 days for a total immersion in history, the food scene and ended on a ghost tour. We went to Gettysburg National battlefield several times and explored all of the park. They have a lovely museum and the cyclorama. We went to Jenny Wade’s home, drove to Antietam National Battlefield, and had a ghost walk as our final tourist thing. We took a side trip to York barbell, picked up exercise equipment and went through their museum. We had food, drink, laughing and lots of walking. I was slow walking but I did it and got stronger each day.

After living in a winter world of black, white with shades of grey for so many months, the technicolor of spring with flowers, the trees in bloom and green was dazzling to the eyes. We did a great combo of taking a flight kind of trip and the classic road trip. Va Beach is a great time to connect with family. Gettysburg never disappoints and is a great vacation to reconnect with each other, history as well as great food and shopping. The town is beautiful and we had a great hotel right next to the cemetery and Cemetery Ridge.

I came away from the trip very inspired by the natural beauty we saw, the history of the Civil War, the sacrifices made by so many, and all the exercise cleared my mind of all the troubles in the world right now. I also had the strength return to my body after sitting and stagnating all winter. We decided we need to take a spring trip more often! If you want to see pictures of the trip you can check out my Instagram account, link is on the sidebar.

Now to keep the momentum going with exercise, get out in nature more, and get the job done with renewed energy that vacations generate. I have a day to do laundry, get some groceries and rest up before I get back to the weekly grind. Did I tell you we came back to cold and snow? Yeah, spring is a little way off here!


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