Saturday Morning Coffee

Hot cup of coffee by Markus Spiske is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Spring is in the air. I see tulips sending leaves up in the garden. I have lilac leaves starting to bud and the birds are singing like spring would never get here. And truthfully, spring has taken it’s time to make an appearance.

Today, yard work is a priority because the sun is out and temps have dried the ground so we can work in it. We will get the flower beds raked and mow the lawn. I have great anticipation as I watch what plants have survived the winter and what needs thinning. I love spring gardening! I am going to wait a couple of weeks before I direct sow my sunflower seeds but I have some plants to move around today.

I didn’t get quite as much stuff taken to the road for spring junk pick up, but I did get some things out there. I was surprised by husband. He put (our front door’s) screen door on the junk pile. That door has been peeling paint and bare metal in spots for a couple of years now. I am so happy it is gone, and I believe a new door will be installed this summer. I am just happy it is gone! I had to saw it twice! My organizing and purging the house of more things is going to be a slow weekly process. I want to add a bag of junk a week to get rid of stuff and send some things to Salvation Army over the summer. Why? just because it is time and I have closets that need thinning. I haven’t touched the boxes in them in years. It is just time to do another round of getting rid of things and making room for what we have, you know time to get Marie Condo method going and keep what sparks Joy. Out with the old and make room for the new.

This week my husband ordered me some wireless ear buds. Wow, I haven’t had ear buds in a couple of years and wireless ones are amazing! I can listen to my audiobook, podcasts and music with ease! I tested them out at work and while long arming. I love them and so glad I have them! Maybe they will inspire me to keep going with my cleaning project, lol.

I have been long arming the stack of quilt tops I have. Then, I decided to start a hand sewing project. I showed stitching a Manx quilt from the metric ton of scrap fabrics that I have. I was inspired by Angel’s YouTube tutorial and I have to say it is fun so far! I am doing the first block. I splurged and ordered some Liberty of London squares while on Etsy , from England! I plan to do a hexie quilt. I was inspired by Kate of the Last Homely House by the sea YouTube. More to come on that, I finally bought myself something I have always wanted. I am really excited about it. I needed a fresh summer hand sewing project to balance out the long arming and the knitting project is about ready to get put up for a while.

This afternoon, I am going to get a full manicure done. I have had one of them done in my lifetime. I need to have my broken nail repaired and I decided I need professional help to keep the rest of them from breaking too!

A nice quiet day, I am looking forward to soaking up the sun, getting my hands in the dirt and then relaxing with some hand work.



  1. How wonderful Spring is arriving for you! We are in early summer and drought herešŸ˜¢
    There are a ton of great podcasts for organizing and decluttering out there. Give Organize 365 a shot. Listening to that while decluttering is very motivating! Itā€™s an ongoing process but good to keep going.
    I get Liberty from a really nice lady in England too. Every so often, I just order another small packet for a long term project. So fun to get mail from the U.K.
    Enjoy your day! Weekends are great!


  2. Sounds like a lovely day you have planned. I love Kate and enjoyed her Utube and the Manx project looks very interesting. Can wait to see how it goes for you.


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