Spring Has Sprung Podcast

I am starting a Manx Quilt Here is the Tutorial I used :

Kate at the Last Homely House has inspired me with her Liberty of London fabric:

Home Chef: https://www.homechef.com/

jayi45 is the Home Chef Discount code

Silk and Sonder: https://www.silkandsonder.com/

Quilt on!

take time to be creative



  1. Yes! I have had a ton of new meals and I was able to make them! You can have meals with shrimp or fish too. We have had chicken in truffle sauce, baked gnocchi, chicken with hatch Chile ranch and butternut squash, lots of fresh veg like green beans and broccoli! I have tried curry, foods with spices I havet tried and loved. I even made a toucan gain bowl. All easy to do. It had given some excitement about what’s for dinner!


  2. I just bought more sour cream as I was going to make a Texas cake, only to find another tub of the stuff in my fridge. SMH.

    Have you found any other meals you particularly liked from the Home Chef service? I’m feeling so stale lately in planning meals.


  3. I live in a rural area, so have no food delivery services. But my daughter lives in the city and when I’ve visited she has used a service. The recipes are great and it’s nice having all the ingredients provided. But for me, I think the value is taking away the need to decide what to cook for supper. I have such a hard time deciding what to cook!
    PS I DO have a tub of sour cream rotting in my fridge! It made me laugh when you mentioned that.


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