Saturday Morning Coffee

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We seemed to have jumped right from late winter to summer this past week. It has been nearly 90 degrees all week. The central air is on and working hard at my house! It was strange to be so hot last weekend and thorough the week with no green grass or leaves on the trees. My garden had only a few things just starting to grow like my Tulips. This morning trees are leafing out, the grass is growing and lots of green is growing in the garden.

The extreme heat and dry conditions have made the fire danger extremely high and yesterday about 2000 acres of the beloved National Forest area burned. I could see the smoke on the horizon and I had to go in the wooded areas open to the public. My favorite areas that were miles from the fire were intact. I even saw the wild elk herd grazing in the fields. I hope that they are able to contain it and the people who live near the forest will be ok. Nature will survive and adapt but I hate to see damage as we all do .

I got my 80 Liberty of London Mini charms in the mail from England. It was like Christmas opening up the package. They are all different 2.5 inch tana lawn cotton squares. I have to say I am enamored with the fabrics. I am planning a hexie quilt with these and I am going to start basting them today! Of course I was on a roll with purchasing Liberty when I saw a sale was happening at Green Fairy Quilts! Their inventory of Moda precuts happened to be in the sale and I bought Riley Blake quilting cotton Liberty this week too. These are Liberty of London fabric that is printed for Moda. That has to go into my hexie quilt too!

My creative time has been long arming this week for the most part. I hand stitched a couple of pieces on my Manx quilt too. I am trying to not get too hung up on being productive in my time off from work. I have been doing other things that are important but not productive. Like journaling daily. Working out about 5 days this past week. Slowly decluttering the dining room table and getting things put away. Not tons to show for all of that but it matters to me. I feel like I am making progress on these goals a little at a time.

Today I am going to weed the garden a bit. I am on the look out to buy some plants to day. I would love to get some Coral bells for the garden. I saw some houseplants at Meijer that I can’t stop thinking about and may go get a basket if the freshly unloaded shipment of Swiss Cheese plants look like they survived. I also want to drop a couple of sunflower seeds into the ground at the back of the garden.

Lots of puttering. Lots of slow living. Lots of soaking up the energy the sun has brought for this May. Time for my morning cuppa then out to the garden before it gets too hot!



  1. Isn’t it crazy about the heat? Hopefully it will even out for you soon with some rain to slow the fire. It’s an all too familiar scenario here in So Cal. My brother was working in one of the houses near the Laguna Niguel/Coastal Fire this week and sent pictures. Scary how fast it moved!
    Enjoy your weekend and do what matters to you! It sounds like a good plan😊


    • Thanks so much for commenting! I am loving my weekends and time off. I feel like I have been moving at a slow and steady pace yet there seem to be more results 🤔 I am spending time in the garden and it’s finally growing. I heard thunder a few minutes ago, maybe we will get some rain. I hope the fire is out and no more happen this year!


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