Saturday Morning Coffee

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A week ago, I was sitting in my house without power, trying to figure out how to warm up some hot water to use a French press. I googled it and found you could heat water with tealights under a fry pay that is placed over a cake pan. FYI it worked just took an hour to warm up water. Why were we without power? A EF3 tornado had hit my town and my neighborhood. My house was ok and I am fine, I was able to get to my basement with the short notice we had. I will talk more about it in my podcast. I was sitting in the dark last Saturday, watching the sunrise wondering what to do. All I could think about was doing something normal and that was make coffee. And you may ask at this point why I didn’t boil water on our gas grill. We didn’t know if there was much gas to run it and I wanted to conserve the gas for cooking.

I could have gone to friends or family that had power. But two days before the tornado, I came down with Covid. It was mild but steadily got worse each day with headaches, body pain and loss of taste and smell. I needed to drink some coffee, but it was coffee that was the first thing I noticed that I couldn’t taste. I still cant.

My husband got his chainsaw and cleaned up the trees and branches that fell in the yard and I helped because even though I had Covid I had to do something. We had very little access to the news to know how bad things were. But we knew they were bad. We let everyone know we were ok and people kept checking in. Power was off for about 36 hours and internet for 4 days. Thank goodness for cell phones!

We live in the city, so we had water. It was a comfortable temp so we just opened the windows. We talked to our neighbors, learned their names and made sure they were ok. My husband helped friends who lost their home. It was surreal. We never get tornados here, last one recorded was in the 1950s.

I did go to work two days at the end of the week after being off for a week at the worst possible time. Thank goodness for excellent coworkers. I opted to not go to the first Highland games and weekend festival yesterday with my husband. I am not well enough to be outside for 10 hours a day and I am afraid to get too close to people yet without a mask. I have a long weekend at home.

I started basting my Liberty hexies this past week. I loaded a quilt and have been custom quilting it very slowly. I have been knitting and journaling. I have decided to join Fat Quarter Shop in their great granny square quilt along, crochet and cross stitch along this summer. I am using scraps, I have a granny cardigan to finish and the cross stitch pattern is free. We will see how much I get done but it could be fun. I am starting to look at my fabric stash this weekend.

I haven’t set up my fairy garden yet and I probably will do that next week. Bending over isn’t agreeing with me because part of Covid is feeling very weak and dizzy. Not vertigo but dizzy and that can trigger my vertigo issues. I may try to pull a weed or two but I am not pushing it. I mean literally when I go check on the garden I may pull one weed.

I have been trying to rehab my sense of smell by sniffing different oils I have for my diffuser. I think I have had some improvements but it’s really more of a memory of what things smelled like vs me really getting the smell. I hope it comes back but it can take a long time.

So, this summer of slow living that I planned before Covid is a reality. I have had long recoveries before, so I know how to deal with it. Meniere’s disease , my inner ear disorder, has put me in bed literally for 6 weeks at a time when I was younger and this isn’t nearly that bad. It’s patience and slow rehab for your self.

It was my birthday this week and my husband bought me a smart watch. I am loving it. I am amazed and thrilled with technology these days. Maybe it wasn’t the best birthday ever but I spent it with him and we watched our favorite shows. We celebrated with ice cream.

I am so very grateful this week and I hope you have a wonderful weekend,



  1. Oh, Vicki! What a way to spend your birthday! It was memorable, at least. I hope you are back to 100% soon.


  2. Thanks so much for your caring words. I have to say I saw the idea of warming water on Google and I used what I had on hand! It’s been quite a wild week and a weekend home and resting is feeling good. I have a few things each day I get small scents and tastes of for a fleeting moment so I hope that it returns soon. I am hoping the watch keeps me from dropping my phone because lack of pockets ! 😆 I really like it so far


  3. I checked my email right away today hoping you were going to put out a coffee chat today. Wow Vicki, you are one tough cookie! Your positivity through a tornado AND Covid are amazing. I hope you journaled those combined “once in a lifetime” events into a great story your grandkids will love to read one day! Including the water heating idea for coffee-that was both brilliant and telling about wanting “normal” during tough times.
    That made me smile thinking of you eating ice cream and admiring your new watch with your husband. I think your fascination with technology will keep you young! Thanks for letting us know how you are! Your self-care experience will serve you well this long weekend. And I certainly hope you can “stop and smell the flowers “ literally very soon!


  4. I’m so sorry for your recent troubles but grateful that you checked in to let us know you were safe. We care about you out here in internet-land.
    Sounds like some quiet stitching and maybe a binge-watch of some kind (Bridgerton? Grace and Frankie?) might be in order. Get some rest and heal up!


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