Saturday Morning Coffee

Hot cup of coffee by Markus Spiske is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Saturday is finally here! I am slowly healing up from Covid but now I have a secondary bacterial bronchitis. Work is feeling twice as long and I am completing things on a slower pace. I am ok with that. I understand that this is a long haul healing process. Much like a mononucleosis infection I had when I was 18, that took weeks to get better and a year to feel myself again. I think this will be like that. I am having some improvement in taste and smell which helps make meal time more fun and interesting.

I am working on one 15 min project a day and this week most days that was a quilt I am custom quilting for a friend. I also cut out one block for the Great Granny Square Quilt along with Fat Quarter Shop and I may start crocheting granny squares with my scrap yarn, Lori Holt has videos and yarn for her granny square project. The cross-stitch freebie is adorable, but I am not sure I want to try that because of time!

Good News this week is that the insurance I had on my brand-new phone, the one I dropped and cracked the screen on, worked and for 29$ I got the phone fixed via UPS. I was very nervous to ship my new baby off for repair, but I did it. I had to do a factory reset wiping the phone data so that was an all-afternoon challenge to get it set up again, but I did it. I made one error and all my website passwords didn’t transfer however, I did get that all set up. Now I am fully hooked up on a new phone with a smart watch I love.

Our new car from Carvana is beautiful. It was picked up last Monday from the vending machine and it exceeded our expectations. I have never driven such a nice car and I am hooked with online shopping even for cars! As in everything else, read the descriptions very carefully!

As you can tell, I have been doing more videos vs photos. I am enjoying it and you can say a million words in a one to several minute video. I enjoy photos and I doubt I will ever stop blogging, but I love TikTok. If you aren’t on TikTok I post most of the same videos on Facebook Reels so you can check them out but you have to be on a mobile device to do so. I will post the links in the Facebook group so you can check them out if you want to.

I have one goal this weekend and that is to set up my fairy garden. I am not going to put out all the little things this summer, but I at least want to get my fairy houses and doors set up. If we have time, maybe we can get the patio furniture out from storage and have a spot to sit and look at the garden.

Hope you have a great Saturday and have time to create,



  1. I’m glad you are feeling better! I had mono when I was 18 too! I feel the same that it took a long time to feel myself. It’s such a good thing that you are already the master of the 15 minutes activity block.
    This is my first weekend in 2 months I don’t have events at work to get ready for. Yay! I’m going to finish a quilt for my sister. 4 more blocks and deciding on sashing. I’m going to treat myself with a visit to my local quilt shop for some relaxing inspiration and an iced coffee to take back home.
    I’m not a Tik Tok or FB person but I do enjoy your IG postings.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


    • I am so glad that you have time to do what makes you happy and get a coffee! Time to free the mind from work and be inspired.

      I plan to stay on ig and I think post the short videos in my stories. It have been there since nearly the beginning!

      Have a great weekend and enjoy !


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