Saturday Morning Coffee

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Dog days of summer are here. It’s been nearly 90 all week. Another week, another round of Covid and I have been home isolating, healing and trying to pace myself. I wasn’t alone and I was able to recover with my husband and he is Covid positive too. We have had it mildly but that doesn’t mean you are able to do much. We were sick with cough, fever and the works. It’s been a watch shows, play games and recover kind of week. One day blends into the next and I really had to think about what day it was today.

I did sew a couple of granny square blocks. I Crocheted a few squares, and I finished my granny cross stitch. I turned it into a bookmark and will feature it on Our Creative Souls tomorrow. Content creation is on the back burner, so is long arming and anything that takes too much brain power.

To be honest, life came to a screeching halt again. It is just getting through the days, try to sleep and find food that is interesting. I made a serendipitous mistake and ordered 4 Home Chef meals and that got us through the week of meal planning. I am back to square one on trying to rehabilitate my body. I have zero sense of smell and taste is poor. I have plans to go back to work Monday and we will see how it goes.

Our air con stopped working for a day this week and the repair man was able to revive it. However, it needs to be replaced after 20 years. We weren’t surprised. So, we are getting bids and hope that they can replace it. I figure we will need to be put on the waiting list as that seems to be how it is done these days.

I wanted some Ice cream last evening, and we went through the drive thru. We decided to see the elk in the city park that is located in the water treatment plant drain field. How romantic, right? That is our usual place to park, eat our ice cream and stay in our cool car. I am glad we stopped! We saw the elk with several small babies in the herd. Maybe we will be up for a drive today because it sure felt good to get out a little and see nature. Maybe I can convince my husband to drive to a secluded lakeshore beach to look for rocks and then look for elk on the drive home.


look at the baby! our city keeps Elk in the drain field of the water treatment plant, in case the tourists can’t find the animals in the wild #Elk #lifeonthe45th #puremichigan

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Today is more rest, water and maybe a little crafting. I am focusing on the positive, healing thoughts and staying cool!


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  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been hit by this again. You must feel like it’s never-ending! Here’s hoping for a fast recovery this time.


  2. Like you, I’ve been off my game with health concerns this week (not COVID). Discovered that daytime TV is not interesting. Fell down a rabbit hole into clothes-making with Love Notions patterns (and Rocketbooks and now all I want to do is watch their YouTube channels!
    Glad to see you are able to be productive because I know you aren’t happy when you don’t get something done!
    Hope you and your husband feel better soon!!


    • Thanks! I have been watching more YouTube and I have been watching my favorites and adding embroidery and cross stitch channels to my enjoyment! I will checkout the channels you mentioned because between youtube and crafting it’s keeping me sane!


  3. I’m sorry it’s a two steps back time for you! All you can do is take it a day at a time. You actually are getting a lot done. But I know if I get sick, I couldn’t stand to do nothing either. I’m sure you are missed at work and on your longarm! Sending well wishes and prayers for a full recovery!


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