Saturday Morning Coffee

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I have been waiting all week for the weekend. I am thinking it is going to be full of stitching, football, and lots of resting up. It has been a long, hard work week. I was wondering why it felt so chaotic and then I remembered today is the full moon. The harvest moon! I am a full believer in the days leading up to the full moon that work/life is full of chaos. I feel that the full moon in the fall and spring are usually the worst.

But today, I want to ponder what the harvest moon represents. Changing seasons. The reward of all the hard work of the past season coming to fruition. Shifting gears into making life full of comfy, cozy luxuries. I got out my pumpkin and fall decorations. The fall scented handmade soaps and candles were placed to be used. Sweater weather is coming. This is the season to begin to turn my thoughts into preparing to snuggle in for the winter. I make the home ready for this season and line my projects up. I have plenty to do and several months to really dig in. It is the shift from the activity of the garden and spending loads of time outdoors to hygge season indoors.

It is also the time when I begin to slow down from the frenetic energy of the summer and recharge. The daylight hours are rapidly becoming shorter. It is a time when I am able to rest and relax more. A slow leisurely walk around the neighborhood should happen today. I went through my craft stash earlier this week and found enough leftovers from last year’s Dollar Tree purchases to make a new fall wreath. I have been playing with its layout and the hot glue gun should come out soon. I am loving this mindset of taking things at a slow pace and just letting the projects speak to you.

I did get one Sunflower stitched and another section completed on the sampler project I am cross stitching. I loaded a quilt to long arm and started quilting it. I plan to start watching the binding class I purchased this afternoon. Slow stitching is something that I love and I think I am going to be doing a lot of it over the winter but I need to learn a way to kick out these unfinished quilts just to get them done and off the list.

I think that is really what September is about: making a list of those things that need to get done and dusted before winter.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. We got our first rain thanks to remnants from a hurricane so even though it is quite humid, I am enjoying being out of our heat wave and having a cloudy day. Enough to trick my eyes into thinking about fall and making my own list! Such a good idea! Enjoy your weekend!


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