Saturday Morning Coffee

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It has turned cold here over the past few days. The house is cold, and we are going to have to decide on when to turn the heat on because the house is 65 degrees. We turned it on briefly last evening because the furnace is new, and we wanted to see if it would work! I must say that hot coffee is a welcome thing on a chilly morning. So are the cups of hot tea I have been enjoying in the afternoon. The leaves are slow to turn but I think they will reaching peak colors in the next 10 days. We are now getting the shorter daylight hours and long nights. I have to say I have been looking forward to fall because I really felt that it will bring loads of change. I have already picked up the fairy garden and put my tender geranium in our heated garage for the winter.

My fall decorations are out! Fall quilts are being used and candles are in place. It’s that time of year to make a pot of chili, stew or soup. Football is underway and I am stitching away during the games. I have been enjoying cross stitching very much. I can easily do it and not get overwhelmed. It’s just one x at a time. It has been my therapy recently.

I have been watching loads of Fat Quarter Shop YouTube channel which is both quilting and cross stitching. I saw the first block of the Christmas Time Mystery which going to be only 4 blocks. I made the mug and then realized I could use a rotary blade safely and follow a pattern. Long Covid has really taken a toll on me and it’s frustratingly slow to gain any ground on getting better. This was one small victory. I sewed a Christmas mug that was the right size on my second attempt. When the next block came out, I printed it and I have been slowly working on it a few minutes each morning. I have not finished the block but I hope to this weekend. I can follow a pattern, yay! I couldn’t do that a month ago.

I ran out of thread for the quilt I was long arming, so I am waiting for it to arrive. I misjudged how much thread I was going to need. Do you see a theme here? Things are happening just very slowly, and I am ok with it. I have been slowly getting stronger and do what I can do each day. I feel like I am getting my routine settled in and I have been able to work without missing any days since July. I have been really happy about that.

Today I am going to a little quilt show in a town nearby. I am seeing a friend I haven’t seen in months, and I am looking forward to our outing. I am also interested in seeing what other quilters have been working on so the show and being able to attend my quilt groups next meeting will be great!


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